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Large tree removal with crane (video)

Tree Removal with Crane Video

Seasons Greetings 2012


Tree Root Collar Excavation with Air Spade (Video)

Recognizing Ornamental Tree Scale Infestation

From a distance, a white powdery scale infestation on your tree bark may look like a harmless lichen or tree fungus. Upon closer examination, you may see the nymph stage (crawlers) in the white egg masses noted in the picture of an infected Kwanzan Cherry Tree. Left untreated, these insects feed on the tree and…

Repair of Snow Damaged Arborvitae or Hedge Row

New England heavy wet snow and ice can wreak havoc on evergreen trees and shrubs, particularly Arborvitae.  Many mature properties have Arborvitae rows planted for attractive screening from neighbors, street, etc. In a landscape where deer are not a problem, they are a useful, inexpensive, and practical resource for homeowners.  Arborvitae is hearty, evergreen, and…

Hemlock Health Care

It’s that time of year. The Woolly Adelgid nymphs that appeared on your Hemlocks in July are beginning to feed to get ready to overwinter. This feeding can cause tree growth to slow down. The needles will start to discolor and drop off. The “woolly” in the name describes the eggs sacks that are found on…

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