Dutch Elm Disease Prevention

Written by Russell Andrew in Plant /Tree Pest Control, Plant Healthcare


dutchelm#2Elm trees are popular and can be majestic.  If you have an old one you love, Dutch Elm Disease can be scary.  This disease is caused by a fungus called Ceratocysis ulmi which entered North America in Elm wood coming from Europe before 1930.  It has spread over most areas where Elms grow today.  Infection begins when leaves reach their full size and the symptoms spread like “wild fire” in the 4-6 weeks following.  It will start on one branch and soon envelop the whole canopy.

The disease is spread by elm bark beetles.  The beetles bore holes into the bark and inner cambium and deposit the fungal spores along the way.  There is a way to effectively treat Elms with a fungicide to prevent this disease.  This is done through macro-infusion into the root flares of the tree.  Through this method, the tree will uptake the fungicide; even to new growth.

A certified technician must apply this treatment about every three years for good protection.

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