Tree Services

  • Expert tree pruning & shrub pruning
  • Plant healthcare (Insect & Disease Control)
  • Tick sprays (Lyme Disease)
  • Soil analysis, vertical mulching, compost teas, soil food web amendments
  • Fertilizing including deep root tree fertilization
  • Cabling and bracing to strengthen weakened trees
  • Safe tree removal
  • Woodland beautification through selective forest cutting and floor cleanup
  • Pre and post-construction consulting to help save trees before and after a construction project
  • Stump grinding
  • Deer repellant
  • Fully insured

At Andrews Arboriculture, we offer a complete suite of tree and shrub care services. Our expertise in arboriculture has allowed us to fine-tune an array of services designed to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Tree and Shrub Care

We provide top-notch tree and shrub care, combining science and aesthetic sensibility. From selective pruning to disease detection and treatment, our experts commit themselves to help your greenery thrive while enhancing your property’s beauty and value.

Integrated Pest Management

Our Integrated Pest Management service involves a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks. We aim to protect your trees and shrubs from pests while also preserving your property’s larger ecosystem.

Tick Spray Service

We offer a highly effective tick spray service to help you protect your outdoor oasis. Our expert team applies targeted, reliable tick control solutions that reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases while preserving the health of your landscape.

Tree Removal Service

Safe and considered tree removal is part of our core services. When a tree poses safety risks or impedes the health of other plants, our team deploys professional practices to remove the tree carefully, making sure to minimize any impact on your property.

Servicing Locations

Faithfully serving:

  • Fairfield County, CT
  • Litchfield County, CT
  • New Haven County, CT

Whether you’re looking to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs, manage pests, control ticks or safely remove trees, Andrews Arboriculture has the expertise you need.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you preserve the beauty and health of your green spaces.