Expert Tree & Shrub Pruning


Preventing Winter Damage to Rhododendrons and other Broad Leaf Evergreens

The recent deep freeze in Connecticut reminded me of the importance of protecting the evergreens that many of us rely on to dress up our foundations and use…

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Public Service announcement about Hydrangea’s winter damage

We are getting many people calling nervous that their Hydrangeas never looked this way this time of year.  This is concerning the classic Hydrangea macrophylla, very popular in New…

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There is a Sea Anemone growing out of my Cedar Tree, Help!

 No, silly, that is not a sea anemone, it’s a pathogen called Gymnosproangium juniperi-virginianae.  “A what?” you say.  It is cool to look at, but it is evidence…

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Repair of Snow Damaged Arborvitae or Hedge Row

New England heavy wet snow and ice can wreak havoc on evergreen trees and shrubs, particularly Arborvitae.  Many mature properties have Arborvitae rows planted for attractive screening from…

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