Preventing Winter Damage to Rhododendrons and other Broad Leaf Evergreens

The recent deep freeze in Connecticut reminded me of the importance of protecting the evergreens that many of us rely on to dress up our foundations and use…

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Public Service announcement about Hydrangea’s winter damage

We are getting many people calling nervous that their Hydrangeas never looked this way this time of year.  This is concerning the classic Hydrangea macrophylla, very popular in New…

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Proper Tree Mulching

Mulching your landscape, for many, is an annual event to dress up your landscape for the new growing season.  It is a spring cleaning of sorts.  Whether you…

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Getting Ready for the Best Spring Ever

Written by Russell Andrew in Uncategorized

Taking a break from our usual plant health care blog to share a winter project we are excited about. We have been very busy around here at Andrew’s…

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What is a Dormant (horticultural) Oil?

Written by Russell Andrew in Plant /Tree Pest Control, Uncategorized

What is dormant oil and how does it work? This is a very common question from our customers this time of year. The Northeastern Regional Pesticide Coordinators core…

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