Getting Ready for the Best Spring Ever

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Taking a break from our usual plant health care blog to share a winter project we are excited about. We have been very busy around here at Andrew’s Arboriculture. It sure has been cold outside but we can feel spring inside. We are expanding.  To continue to give the service our clients are used to and a comfortable place for staff meetings, a newer bigger office space was in order. Along with some winter pruning and tree work, some of our crew has been helping renovate this new space. We wanted a “green” office and meeting room where our staff could be surrounded by nature inside as well as out in the field. The knotty pine walls were milled from some of the tree clean up created by the last few storms and a wood stove installed for heat. The entrance mats and stair treads will be eco-friendly materials made from recycled soda bottles. Stay tuned for the finished product reveal in early March. We are optimistic that all this cold will bring a gorgeous spring.

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